The Printer Challenge

Mrs J. is one of my loyal customers. She's been with me from the start and we've been able to supply her with new technology and support for over 4 years.
A couple of months or so back she decided she wanted a new printer.

We said great what do you have in mind?

And that's when the challenge was set.

Now Mrs J. has a very small office, some might call it bijou, everything is in it's place on bespoke fitted shelves. On top of the challenge requirements was......the printer had to fit where the old printer lived.

42" wide x 41"deep x 24" high

The old printer only printed and it fitted like a glove into the space on the shelves. The new printer had to do more and fit. The requirement stated that it needed:
  • To have a screen
  • Photo Copy
  • Scan 
  • Print Pictures
  • Double-sided printing
This is where we had to practice what we preached. Crwstech offers a service that looks for the best solutions to our customers. Sometimes it impossible to honour all requirements but this time we where determined to succeed.

A month of trawling and surfing would bring great finds of the printer variety but none of them fitted the requirements of the Printer Challenge....until last week when we found:

The Epson XP-520     the answer to our challenge. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

It has all the latest technology like Google Print and Direct Printing from Mobile Phones.
It does double sided, copies, scans and prints pictures


The most important thing............ it fits.

For ink for this printer and others, 
by the manufacturer or recycled.

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